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An evergreen in the tiny town of Mifflinville, Pa., was picked to be the 2011 Rockefeller Center Christmas tree

In a rural town of only 2,500 people, it’s impossible to keep a secret about a 75-foot-tall Pennsylvania spruce that’s about to become an international celebrity.
An evergreen now under 24-hour police protection in the tiny town of Mifflinville, Pa., has been picked to be the 2011 Rockefeller Center Christmas tree, the Daily News has learned.
Sources told The News the towering tree at the corner of Fair St. and Kline Rd., 160 miles west of New York City, will be the first from the Keystone State selected for the prestigious holiday duty.
“It’s a great honor for the town of Mifflinville,” Mifflinville Town Supervisor George Welliver said Monday when told by a News reporter of the tree’s destination.
“We are a great little town and maybe this will cause more people to stop by,” Welliver said.
Townfolk said the tree’s spectacular fate has been a badly kept secret that some are still vigorously maintaining.
“I can’t tell you how foggy it is outside,” the owner of the tree said Monday when contacted by The News. All questions were referred to Rockefeller Center publicist Iva Benson.“At this point, we are not confirming which tree will be the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree,” Benson said. Police Chief Bill Richendrfer was just as mum when asked why his officers were guarding the tree around the clock. “All I can say is that someone has agreed to pay the township to watch the tree around the clock until Thursday,” Richendrfer said. “I’m not going to say who or why.”
A cop guarding the tree Monday acted as if it were a dignitary. “I can’t comment, but don’t go near the tree,” said the officer, even as gawkers showed up to snap photos. If the tree were a movie star, Guy Broadt, 64, would have asked for an autograph.“I wanted to get a good look before it hit the Big Apple,” said Broadt of nearby Espy as he took pictures of the spruce. John Broscious, 70, who lives across the street from the tree, said rumors began swirling about six months ago. “Soon after a bunch of people showed up taking pictures of the tree,” Broscious said. “Then last summer, these large tank trucks began coming up here spraying all kinds of chemicals on the tree.”
In recent days, a team of arborists arrived and wrapped every branch as if getting it ready for transporation. “It was quite a job,” Broscious said. “It took them three days.”
The tree will be lit in 30,000 environmentally friendly LED lights and crowned with a Swarovski crystal star when it is finally unveiled Nov. 30 in Rockefeller Plaza.



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Cee Lo Green singing on NBC's 2011 Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting special along with Michael Bublé.

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