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I'm from the east coast of the states. Maryland. This time like everyone else here is my favorite time of year and I often can't wait for it to get under way. Growing up the youngest out 5 kids we always made family the focus of the season. I learned most of my baking skills from my older sister who made tons of yummy treats for Christmas like cheesecake black bottoms, sour cream cake, cuppy cakes with yummy homemade frosting. My mum loved her tree and we always had a real one. I remember sitting in front of it as a kid just looking with wonderment. Loved watching Christmas movies and watching Christmas shows.

Now, that I have two girls of my own now I've passed some of the same traditions or activities that I had growing up to them. In fact this week we've already seen three of our favorite Christmas programs and will keep watch for when others come on. Making my family treats and sharing stories from when I was growing up and celebrating with family is also another tradition.

I'm also a lucky duck in that I work for my state's government so I get a lot of holidays that I can bank throughout the year. So when my kids are out of school I take those banked holidays and use them so that I can be off the entire time they are. This year we're taking our girls on a day trip to NYC a few days before Christmas to soak up all of the holiday fun and Christmas atmosphere. I'm also secretly hoping for snow this Christmas, it would make it oh-so wonderful.

Merry Christmas!
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