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TruTip Christmas Trees Impress Even Live Tree Enthusiasts

TruTip Christmas TreesRealistic Artificial Christmas Trees

Everyone loves the look of a real tree, but not everyone can facilitate a live tree with its many needs. Watering can become a hassle, and shedding needles requires constant cleaning. Realistic artificial Christmas trees offer the look of a live tree but with the life span of an artificial tree, and TruTip trees are some of the most realistic Christmas trees available.

TruTip artificial Christmas trees have molded PVC and PE tips based on real tree families so that the artificial tree looks as lively as possible. With a mix of pigments and superior craftsmanship, it's hard to tell the difference between TruTip trees and a live tree. Check out a few of the TruTip selection and be surprised at the look.

Carolina Fir TreeThe Carolina Fir

The Carolina Fir is a dense tree with a staggered appearance and outreaching branches. The tips are a beautiful mix of light and dark greens so that overall appearance is that of a powerful tree in the midst of a forest. The tree boats high tip counts for its family and comes in a range of heights from 4.5' to 12' with either clear or multicolor lamps. With its many variations, full appearance, and impressive base width, the Carolina Fir is one of the most recommended TruTip trees.

Blue Aspen Fir TreeThe Blue Aspen

The Blue Aspen Fir is a tree based on the very popular Noble Fir design and is one of the newest members of the TruTip family. It is a lively tree with a full profile and a modest base width so that it fits in a range of spaces. The tree varies from 6.5' to 9' in height in either clear incandescent bulbs or warm white LEDs. The most eye catching part of the Blue Aspen is its beautiful coloring. The tips are a rich mix of green and blue modeled after the real Blue Aspen Fir.

Colorado Pine TreeThe Colorado Pine

The Colorado Pine has one of the largest base widths of the TruTip Christmas trees. It is a powerful tree available in heights from 6.5' to 9' in clear incandescent bulbs or warm white LEDs. While it is a new tree in the TruTip line, it is no less loved. The Colorado Pine has thick foilage but enough space to showcase many ornaments and has additional pine cones for a touch of the forest in each branch. The Colorado Pine is a gorgeous way to start a Christmas tradition.

TruTips Comparable to Live Trees

These three Christmas trees are only a small selection of what TruTip has to offer. All of the artificial Trutip trees have the same gorgeous PE / PVC mixed tips for the most realistic appearance possible. With different styles, base widths, colors, and tip styles, there is an artificial Christmas tree for even the most live tree enthusiast.

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