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Easter Tradition - the Lamb Cake

Every year, for Easter, my mother would bake a cake in the shape of a lamb....representing the lamb of God. She would cover it with white icing to make it look like wool and make jelly bean eyes and mouth. She cut a piece of gold doily and made a crown for it's head. Until I started dating my husband, he had never seen a lamb cake. We recently decided to move to Florida, far away from my mother and her lamb cake mold. While shopping in a local, and I must say AWESOME consignment/antique store (where we buy many many MANY old Christmas ornaments and decorations) - we spotted a lamb cake mold and he insisted I buy it so he could have his lamb cake at Easter. Now my mother's tradition has been passed onto our little family. (He also likes the lambs made out of butter...but that's a story for another day.)
It's Christmas time in the city....
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