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Jeff, your point about using this time of year to drive home a point with ultra hype, malice, and otherwise lack of compassion sums the situation nicely. In such behavior is no goodwill.

The only thing I will say about my personal opinion about political involvement from any government will be hard for some folks to accept. So be it. I'll also will NOT debate it. The sole purpose of any earthly government is to get us to Armageddon on time. All the turmoil generated by entering into areas of our lives that don't need government intervention (like Christmas) is following a schedule that is not ours to know or for most to understand. I could reference Balaam and quote scripture but I won't

I am not atheist. Whether or not I am a Christian in the eyes of the world is dependent upon the denomination/religion judging me at the time. Alas, it is not their judgment that matters. More than likely I will feel a whole lot better in the hands of just God than I feel right now in an unjust world.

Offended at others for not celebrating Christmas as I do? Not in the least! Offended when they are in my face with it? Not really. It's the way of the world as foretold long ago. I have no choice but to accept. Likewise you have no choice but to accept that I will celebrate Christmas the way I feel lead. Your words, resources and acts to dissuade my belief will have no effect.

I do find it humorous that atheists are offended enough to place adds/billboards denouncing God and scripture. If they do not believe, what's the point? Do they feel threatened? In my opinion, the ads are to appease their own conscience. By the same token, any Christian organization that would respond to anything of the kind is beyond my understanding. Do they feel threatened and does their conscience bother them too? The simple gesture of kindness and goodwill that each side professes is negated with such nonsense.

The ads/media campaign from either prospective certainly has no impact on me...not even enough to get upset if and when I see something I oppose. After all, collectively we have a schedule to keep until the appointed time we will individually have to choose or loose.

Like Jeff, I do not believe there is a war on Christmas. The root issue is well beyond one season. Christmas is just the time to showcase our prejudice and ignorance.

How is it then that we can all be together here at MMC with differing views about how to celebrate Christmas? It's the simple kindness, compassion, and goodwill illustrated by:
Originally Posted by Christmas-A-Holic View Post
I chose the first option, which is the way I observe Christmas, but I will celebrate it with everyone around me no matter what religion they follow or not follow.

Merry Christmas to all!
Collectively we transcend the world's trappings.

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