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Cardboard Elves and Walnut Fudge

Tomorrow afternoon I will loading up piles of presents and one very excited pup and heading north! I may even be singing along to Karen Carpenter's "Home for the Holidays"!

For now, I'm looking at the cardboard cut-outs of elves (which hung on my Grandparents Christmas tree) adorning my cube wall and remembering Christmases past...

My Grandmother's black walnut fudge was a masterpiece! She made it one time a year and I would nearly make myself sick shoveling in piece after piece on Christmas Eve!

I can see the mantle adorned with a Christmas card basket overflowing with greetings. Nearly every square inch of the living room floor was covered by kids next to stacks of brightly wrapped gifts. My Dad and Uncle made periodic trips to the patio room fireplace to burn the never ending stash of discarded gift wrap.

Christmas Eve was magical when I was a kid. Santa really did visit us, we were sure of it. And apparently we were special since he visited us precisely between 7:30 and 8pm while we were driving through town singing Christmas carols and looking at Christmas lights.

As incredible as those Christmases were, I realize it's typical to lose that sense of wonder. I guess I'm just a kid at heart, because I have to say I've never been at a loss. Every year when the Season comes, I get that old familiar excitement and right now as I type, I can barely contain my desire to rush right out and start packing my car!

Merry Christmas! Hope you find that sense of wonder!
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