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Boy it was another hot one today 103, it was hard to take when I was trying to find Christmas items. Did find a few though and was all excited. Came across an idea for Chocolate dipped spoons for coffee. After dipping them in chocolate then you dip them into crushed candy canes. Suppose to be yummy. They sure are pretty. Gonna try that one. I have done the ones with chocolate and cinnamon which is pretty good but this one sounds better. I am going to make a bunch of different types of dipped spoons and wrap them in clear plastic and put them into deep Christmas mugs and give to the coffee hounds on my list. Those always go over pretty good.
Anyway, I found out today that Walmart and Lowes are starting to put out Christmas things, well they have them in the isles in the boxes. They aren't on the shelves yet but getting close. Isn't that a milestone. lol. Christmas is getting closer. wahoooooooo.
May the love of Christmas be in our hearts the Year Around.