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Originally Posted by nmc42088 View Post
Going to my boyfriend's soon. Hopefully by the time I come back to check in tonight, he and I will mot be fighting and still be a couple. He is quite miffed that I chose to spend time with my friends over the break and not give him every single minute of my free time. He got to see me at least 3 times though. Led to a nasty fight that started yesterday and carried over to today. He says that I dont love him. He gets mad if I want to see my friends/ doesnt understand why I dont text him when I'm with friends. I'm not sure where the right spot is to post this...I was just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this?

Its a kinda hard one !! and only you and him can sort it out. but from his point if you were spenting all your spare time with your mates then yes he has a point. and if you were not texting him ask yourself why.. if you love someone which you know the answer to that one i wood think you wood like to spent special times with him.
On the other hand if you devide your time between the 2 then that s different. its hard to spent time with both when there is only a short time to do it. but if you feel you tryed to devide it between your mates and him. then what is he going on about? is he the type of person that expects you to spent every free moment with him? if so then that can become a problem as there is always gonna be other times. like birthdays,easter. times when your mates will want to see you to.. is there no way you and your mates and him can do things together?
Not knowing the full sitution. its hard to give stright answer. But its better to try and sort it out , but i have seen in all relatioships each one needs to give and take. it cant be one taking and the other giving.
Sorry if i have said to much.

Thank you for your input! I really do appreciate it. I saw him all day Christmas, then our normal day we hang out which is tuesdays, and New Year's Eve. I had discussed with him that I was also going to see friends that I hadnt seen in a while because I was subbing. He was fine with that until yesterday. I always let him know what friend I'm going to be with and that sometimes friends might find it a little rude that I am texting him while I am hanging out friends I havent seen in ages. I guess I am afraid that he is going to start telling me that I am not allowed to see my friends, which is something I will not take from him
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