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I can't believe I forgot the key! We have a magic key, we hang it outside the back door which is in the livingroom next to where the tree is.

We usually order a pizza on the 20th, the pizza place in town has a 2 day discount.

We also track Santa on the computer while we watch the movie.

I'd like to start the storybook tradition but never seem to remember. I did buy the book, Listen said the Donkey..we like that one.

Dh and I haul out the gifts after the kids are to sleep, before we go to bed.

My parents usually bring their extra gifts for the kids back a day or two before (so others don't get jealous) and they open them with them here, usually smaller toys.

Santa used to come around when I was little followed by carollers on a horse drawn wagon, we got candycanes and oranges. I wish they still did that.

I've never been much of a baker but a bakefest sounds like so much fun.
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