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Originally Posted by MarthaK View Post

There are all sorts of extra things to do during the season from shopping, to church and school programs, decorating, baking, mailing gifts and cards, etc. that are considered part of our Christmas memories and traditions. How can it all be packed into one or two days?

The joy of giving a gift is not in handing to someone, but thinking about it, shopping and choosing something that's "just right" then watching the person's face when they open it. That takes time. There are the chances to give to others, and time to just STOP all the craziness, look around and enjoy the Christmas wonderland while doing nothing.

That's why I enjoy the build up....because it too is Christmas.
That says it all!

I love the build up..the day can be a let down..knowing it's over for another year, the clean up and the fact that not everyone lands to Mom's like they used too. Everyone has kids and grandkids..Mom had 10 kids, so you can imagine how full the house could get plus the cousins!

This will be my first Christmas without my sister Sharon. She passed this Feb. and she was a whole other reason to love Christmas! She shopped year 'round. Came home to N.S. from N.B. to wrap gifts at Mom's. We always helped.
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