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ok here we go!!! I dont want to offend anyone ------ but here goes anyway. I am a christian and I think we should celebrate Christs birth anywhere we want to--on the other hand I would not want my kids to celebrate Allahs or Buddahs birthday. So this is a tricky one. I dont like the fact that we have to say Happy Holidays to be politically correct ,I always smile and say Merry Christmas. Am I a pain in the neck? I certianly hope not ,I just want to let the world know I love my Lord and Savior . Our Country was founded on Christianity and we should be able ot keep those values . I dont see how celebrating Christmas is forcing religion down anyones throat but some folks say it is--Its sort of like being a bible thumper( I find that term funny- not offensive ) but we are using christmas carol books instead of bibles.So Jeff, Do I think we should be able to celebrate Christmas in the schools? In a word----YES!
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