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Originally Posted by KWasser View Post
Around this time of year, I think this is the low point in "Christmas spirit". Winter is over now, so no more cold weather to generate feelings of Christmas (whenever a cold snap in the weather comes through in March, I crank out the Christmas music all over again!). And it's not Summer time yet, with the excessive heat generating a desire for cooler weather (remember Mel Torme's "The Christmas Song" was written in a hot summer!). And I usually enjoy 4th of July celebrations as that signals the start of the 2nd half of the year (with Fall and then Christmas coming quickly after the 4th of July, or at least that's how it feels to me)...And Easter's over now...

And I went to Hobby Lobby today and there wasn't nearly enough seasonal items out. I usually enjoy going to Hobby Lobby for their seasonal items (mostly for Christmas, but I like their Easter displays as well, and their Fall decorations, etc).

But today they only had 1 and a half aisle's devoted to 4th of July seasonal items, and then 1 aisle devoted to summer decorations (which usually means tropical island decorations for your backyard). And that was it. The rest of the store that was usually set aside for holiday items was just devoted to generic furniture and paintings (the usual Hobby Lobby stuff).

So that kind of summed it up for me: There's not nearly enough "Christmas spirit" in the air around this time of year. At least for me. Anyone else feel this way around this time of year?!?

Just more incentive to throw on Christmas music, I suppose...
I couldn't have said it better myself, KWasser. I feel the exact same way. The Christmas feeling stays with me well into March. We don't take our Christmas tree down until late January and I leave the lights and other decor up a lot longer than that. I would say that April and May are the months that I have the least Christmas spirit, but it's starting to come back!

We are only a little over a month away from July 4th and just two months away from Christmas in July! The first of September is when I get into fall mode and the first of November is when I get into Christmas mode! It will be here before we know it and until then we have this great site! The best part of the holidays for me is the lead up and there's still plenty of that!

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