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Having worked in high-rise buildings (and having relatives who've lived in high-rise buildings), I think the key is to spread the warmth to the entire building. Don't look at yourself as now being reduced to a small 1200 foot apartment, look at it as if you now have an entire high-rise to make festive!

Certainly try and work with your neighbors on this, but see about decorating each floor of the high-rise a unique way. Have everyone put Christmas lights or posters in their windows. And put some sort of public tree or some sort of group decoration in the downstairs lobby or in the parking lot. You may have to take the initiative, but others may join in.

Just imagine: pulling into the parking lot at night and looking up at the building, and seeing it all lit up. Stepping inside the lobby and seeing decorations. And getting off on your floor to find the hallway so festive. And then to step inside your own home and feel the warmth therein. Wow, makes me wish I lived in a high-rise, almost...
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