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Need help with a "100 Christmas Songs" list

I'm very much a Christmas music fanatic. Last year, I started to put together a list of "Top 100" Christmas songs list, to be given to my family and friends, to be aired over the "50 days of Christmas" (I'm the resident Christmas fanatic in my family, but they tolerate me). But I didn't get around to finishing the list.

Like most people here, I enjoy celebrating the holidays for a full 50 days, except my 50 days run from Nov. 12th to Dec. 31st (I've seen others do it from Nov. 13th to Jan 1st, and others from Nov. 18th to Jan. 6th).

So my idea is to have 100 songs total, playing 2 songs a day (one in the morning, one in the evening) from Nov. 12th to Dec. 31st. The key is that I want to find a song (or "songs", since I would play 2 a day) that perfectly captures each day. So on the 1st day, we'd play "It's the Most Wonderful Time Of The Year" by Andy Williams, to kick off the season. On Thanksgiving, play "There's No Place Like Home For The Holidays" by the Carpenters. On Black Friday, play "Christmas Shoes". And line the "uneventful days" with a good variety of classic Christmas music.

So I'm going to try putting together this list again this year, maybe put together some MP3 song collections for friends and family. Does that sound like a good idea? And does anyone have any suggestions?

Here's the calender this year:

Monday, Nov. 12th:
Tuesday, Nov. 13th:
Wednesday, Nov. 14th:
Thursday, Nov. 15th:
Friday, Nov. 16th:
Saturday, Nov. 17th:
Sunday, Nov. 18th:
Monday, Nov. 19th:
Tuesday, Nov. 20th:
Wednesday, Nov. 21st:
Thursday, Nov. 22nd: Thanksgiving!
Friday, Nov. 23rd:
Saturday, Nov. 24th:
Sunday, Nov. 25th:
Monday, Nov. 26th:
Tuesday, Nov. 27th:
Wednesday, Nov. 28th:
Thursday, Nov. 29th:
Friday, Nov. 30th:
Saturday, Dec. 1st:
Sunday, Dec. 2nd:
Monday, Dec. 3rd:
Tuesday, Dec. 4th:
Wednesday, Dec. 5th:
Thursday, Dec. 6th:
Friday, Dec. 7th:
Saturday, Dec. 8th:
Sunday, Dec. 9th:
Monday, Dec. 10th:
Tuesday, Dec. 11th:
Wednesday, Dec. 12th:
Thursday, Dec. 13th:
Friday, Dec. 14th:
Saturday, Dec. 15th:
Sunday, Dec. 16th:
Monday, Dec. 17th:
Tuesday, Dec. 18th:
Wednesday, Dec. 19th:
Thursday, Dec. 20th:
Friday, Dec. 21st:
Saturday, Dec. 22nd:
Sunday, Dec. 23rd:
Monday, Dec. 24th: Christmas Eve!
Tuesday, Dec. 25th: Christmas!
Wednesday, Dec. 26th:
Thursday, Dec. 27th:
Friday, Dec. 28th:
Saturday, Dec. 29th:
Sunday, Dec. 30th:
Monday, Dec. 31st: New Years Eve!
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