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Originally Posted by xmas365
3. Rudolph Day, I have picked a song about Rudolph the 25th of every month, you have November 25 to work with.
Hmm, it's after Thanksgiving, around the time when all of those holiday classics are broadcast on TV, so that date has potential!

4. Don't forget the little holidays or special days. December 6 is St Nicholas day in a lot of European countries, so a song about St Nick would work, New Year's Eve, you could go with "What Are You Doing New Year's Eve" . December 7, Pearl Harbor Day you could go with something solemn, Thanksgiving you could go with Jingle Bells since that originally was a Thanksgiving song, give that trivia to your friends and family as part of the fun.
Thanks, that's exactly the type of suggestions I'm talking about! For Thanksgiving, I was also thinking of "Over the River and through the Woods". Though maybe that will be the day BEFORE Thanksgiving, to commemorate the journey we each usually take for Thanksgiving.

Originally Posted by MerryCarey
A good choice would be "I'll Be Home for Christmas," since it was written to express the wishes of servicemen who were overseas fighting in WWII.
"Celebrate Me Home" might also be a good one to honor our troops on that day.

I just noticed that Veterans Day falls on Monday, Nov. 12th this year. Usually it occurs on Nov. 11th, but if Nov. 11 falls on a weekend, they move it to the next Monday, which in this case means Veterans Day falls on the 12th this year. Usually, the 12th of November is fine each year for a start date, but maybe I should begin my Christmas season on the 13th this year after all...Veteran's Day is honoring our troops, we don't want our celebrating the holiday season to interfere with that.

Originally Posted by George Broderick Jr.
December 21st is the first day of winter... I suggest The Carpenters "The First Snowfall/Let It Snow" medley... maybe "Sleigh Ride" by Ferrante & Teischer for the second song that day..?
Excellent choices! Placing the "winter" songs in amidst the Christmas songs, that can be tricky. the start of the first day of winter is a good place for those songs.

Another hard thing to balance is when to sprinkle in the classic Christmas hymns. "The First Noel" and "Joy to the World", etc. I probably shouldn't do any of those before Thanksgiving...maybe keep those on Sundays, as a theme for that day of the week?

Originally Posted by George Broderick Jr.
Plus, not that you or your family knows me or anything, but November 15th is my birthday and I'm kinda partial to "Up On Santa Claus Mountain" by Lorrie Morgan and Burl Ives "Holly Jolly Christmas"... I'm just sayin', is all...
Oh, "Holly Jolly Christmas" should definitely fall somewhere on the list...
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