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okay, I understand that everyone wants children to learn about the Christmas holiday and such, and it's true, you should be able to say Merry Christmas when you want. But taking "Christmas" out of schools doesn't prevent someone to spread the Christmas cheer. Saying Happy Holidays is not being politically incorrect, it's spreading the happiness to others no matter what belief system you or they may have. Christmas is not the only holiday celebrated in December and if it's looked on as a politcally correct way by anyone, then maybe they should do some soul searching. Happy Holidays to me says, "hey, i hope you're having a good one, just like i. enjoy!"

Our country was not founded for just Christians. It was founded for religious freedom, not just for Christians. As a country, we have had millions of people from different races, cultures and religious backgrounds come here for these same reasons. Christian children go to school with jewish, muslim, hindu (among many other religions) everyday. But, why don't they spend weeks learning about their beliefs? Growing up as a Catholic in a public school, I was always upset as to why we didn't learn about Channuka or Ramadan or anything else as a matter of fact. I didn't think it was fair. I went to school with just as many Jewish kids as I did with Christians and I've heard how unfair it was to them from their own mouths. I had to ask those kids about the holidays they celebrated to learn anything about them. Why does december just have to be about Christmas? Why can't they incorporate all religious holidays celebrated in that same month to teach the children respect and understanding for other religions? In public school it doesn't even have to take the religious form, they can teach just the traditions of each holiday. For those Christians that feel the need to teach only Christian beliefs in school we have the Perocial school system for just that.

I've read in a post that someone doesn't want other religions pushed on their child so why should your religion be pushed on another? Kids of different religions aren't there to learn Christian ways, they're there to learn. period. You can't chose sides and you can't chose one over the other. How do you think it feels to the little kid sitting in the middle of the class that worships many gods (Hindu) and has no idea how the Christian belief system works and is basically forced fed Christmas, then the teacher moves on to math and says nothing about any other holiday, including his own?

Didn't Jesus say, "do unto others what you have them do unto you" ?

My opinion, either teach them all or don't teach them at all.

God in the pledge of alliegence is okay to me because God is a symbol for all not just for one.

and that's my two cents
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