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Originally Posted by xmastidings View Post
Heres a crazy one for you, last year at the end of November, I threw away all the pumpkins that were sitting out on the front porch into the compost pile behind my garden. Well, needless to say, they must have really like that pile, because I have pumpkins growing everywhere this year. Here we are now, (only at the end of July) and I have all these beautiful round little orange pumpkins all over the place and they are all ready for picking.

I just don't know what to do with them... It's a little too early to put them out on the front porch, the heat would do them in and the neighbors would think I lost my mind.

Can I cook them down and freeze them to make pumpkin pies in the fall? Has anyone ever done/ attempted that before????

Thats what you should do pick them cut them in half the long way scoop out the seeds and other stuff .Place them in the oven cut side up and bake them until the pumpkin is soft then cool them scoop out all the pumpkin leaving only the shell put it in the blender and blend until its smooth.Then put it in freezer containers or bags and freeze it then any recipe that calls for pumpkin you have fresh instead of the stuff in the can.Thats what I do with it anyway!
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