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I read this thread and have spent an hour or two thinking about it. I have worked out Christmas usually costs me about 1500 ish. Not because I go over the top on anything I just absolutely adore every single breath of the season so I seem to spend a lot on making everything perfect. well I say perfect I put everything in place for it to be what I picture in my head then I go with the flow and if it does not turn out the way I planned as long as theres good memories I`m happy!. I tend to spread my food shopping between Costco, Co-op and Asda so I have been buying saving stamps in Asda and Co-op all year. Costco do not offer that scheme but what I do there is buy an executive membership and each tear I get a voucher for use in the store which is a percentage of what I have spent all year so I use that towards my shopping too. For gifts I start shopping as soon as I see something, I am currently 30% done this year!. I like to have personal gifts for my nearest and dearest nothing from any big store I think it really lacks imagination. My friends kids and my staff will all get something which is specific to them I am not very good at genetic gifting!!.
Decorations are my big down fall when it comes to budgeting. I have my own Christmas Shop so I am surrounded by beautiful Christmas all day everyday, the decorations I buy for myself always seem to be so much more expensive but i do love them so I try and spread them out through the year but I do tend to buy things and wonder where my money has gone by the 3rd or 4th of the month!!.
Oh and one last thing, I have stopped buying Christmas music cds i just keep tuned in to merry Christmas radio!
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