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August 2012 Member of the Month!

This is becoming a bad habit which I must snap out of. The good news is that as of the end of this month/beginning of next, life should revert back to normal so thank you for your patience and let's get onto the matter at hand.

The August member of the month is one of our longest standing members and is someone that we all know and love. Let's see if you know who it is...........

Clue No. 1
Most people would say I am from "Outter Space.." In reality, I live in Southeast Virginia.. home of the US Navy, and Mosquitos so large they can and often do, carry away lawn furniture...
Clue No. 2
I came to MMC after the collapse of two other websites.. a few of the old guard ( Crown.. met at that was a small site that shut down each Febuary and did not come back up till late August. When it shut down we all eventually gravitated here. I originally found that website beacuse I was doing work related research on the Holidays.. for e.g. I was trying to find the history behind the "yule log.."..They had a forum there and I posted some questions... then.. I got hooked.
Clue No. 3
Favorite part of the Christmas season is the Christmas Starbucks blend that is only offered that time each year!
Clue No. 4
What holds my interest about Christmas throughout the year is, in theory: the ability to poke fun at people like Jayish, Maureen, and Crown.... In reality.. the community and civility ( that is so lacking in our society) that evolves from a love of the holidays.
Clue No. 5
As far as favorite MMC moments go, I have a few.. one was after the collapse of the website we all were at after Christmas.Com shut down.... for a few days...we were without each other ( this was pre-facebook mind you...) the only contact we had was through the site- an incredible extended family.. through searching, we somehow all ended up here.. I remember my first post- saying.." Crown..'s ok... we're all here.. we're still together.." Another was at the passing of my father....and the support and love I had from people here....and I remember thinking.. ohh the power of Christmas......
Clue No. 6 (biggest one yet)
My favorite Christmas food

I think you should have guessed by now but for those who still haven't got it (wake up and smell the coffee, folks!) it's none other than our one and only


Binger, on behalf of us all I'd like to thank you for making us smile. Whether it's due to your running commentary on QVC's Christmas in July, your Darlene Love Appreciation Society or your second to none operas, you're the best and we're equally delighted you found us all here.

Now, if you'll excuse us, Jay has to get back to trying on tights and practising his pas de luxes , whilst I really need to find a plaid which goes with tangerine and Crown still has some zzzz's to catch up on..................

The fact you have Elvis as a tree-topper is EPIC!!!!!!!

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