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What are the various types of Christmas Cards?

I noticed the other day that my local Walmart just got in their Hallmark Christmas cards, which are divided up into boxed sets that appear to be grouped into different catagories. It struck me that there are many different "genres" to Christmas cards:

1. "Religious": Depicts Nativity scenes, from angels singing in the heavens to Joseph and Mary holding baby Jesus. Many of these contain passages from the Bible.

2. "Santa": A genre unto himself, these cards depict Santa climbing down chimneys or flying through the air with his reindeer and sled. Often done in the classic "Vintage Coca-Cola" style.

3. "Old Times": Depicts classic Americana scenes of Christmas: Kids riding a sled down a countryside hill, or a family bringing home a Christmas tree. If it looks like a Norman Rockwell painting straight out of 1950's, that's what I call "Old Times" Christmas.

4. "Victorian": Similar to the "Old Times" genre, but characters depicted look like they're from the 1880's, not the 1950's. Usually a more urban landscape is depicted, with bellringers on streetcorners and families singing hymns in town squares. "Scrooge" depictions fall into this as well.

5. "Tis the Season": these cards depict the scenery of the season: a depiction of a Christmas Tree decorated on Christmas Eve, an image of a Christmas wreath hanging on a door, or just an image of a quaint snowman dressed up in the yard.

6. "Licensed Classics": these cards depict scenes or characters from "A Charlie Brown Christmas" or "The Grinch who stole Christmas", etc. They bring back all the memories of those classic tales.

7. "Whimsical": these cards depict beloved Christmas characters in cartoonish escapades. Penguins engaging in snowball fights, elves trying to pack Santa's sled, these are lighthearted depictions, nothing mean spirited or crude.

8. "Decorative": Artistic cards that depict some aspect of the season, often done in an abstract manner. A drawing of an ornate snowflake, or an abstract drawing of a Christmas tree. Or just an artistic rendering of the words "Merry Christmas". These don't generate feelings of nostalgia for Christmas of years past, or religious sentiment, they're just pretty to look at.

9. "Winter": These cards tend to focus on nature and the weather of the season. Can sometimes be similar to "Old Times" cards, but the focus is less on what humans are doing, and more on what Mother Nature is doing. Depictions of snow falling into a valley with a peaceful town in it, a shot of couple of birds huddling for warmth underneath a snow covered branch, a shot of a ice covered river with a cottage nearby, with smoke coming from the chimney, etc.

Did I miss any?
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