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As a single mom of five there were plenty of days when you could pull me off the ceiling!

I always thought of myself as their "keeper of dreams". They were encouraged to dream and to dream big!! All five are very different from each other with unique strengths and weaknesses. My job was to support their strengths and passions and work with them on their shortcomings. And maybe somewhere in between the dishes got done, the laundry put away and the floors mopped. And if it didn't I could always do that the next day!

All five are now grown, youngest is 22, oldest is 28. They have graduated college, have gone to cooking school (son) and are just finishing up medical school. One is still trying for the space program (private). So no dream is still too big.

I am their cheer leader, coach, guide, the "keeper of dreams".

Once I realized and prioritized that it was much less stressful and much more exciting to get up with them everyday. Everyday brought new dreams.

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