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Target's 90% off Christmas clearance and 75% off toys (now 70%) kept me in decorations, wrap, ribbons and bows and TOYS for YEARS. I still have paper from 1983. That is how long they have been doing the 90% off, but in recent years it has been very little remaining due to the economy. I still have a few trees left from the 90% off, I use one for a few years, it breaks and then I open a new box!

Finally getting to the end of some of the decorations after 10-15 years but won't be replacing any until I sort through the mess in the next month. The kiddos are older now and have their own homes so they come and take what they need, trees, stockings, christmas ornaments, paper......

I might get to the point where I might NEED to actually shop for some new things after the rugrats have cleaned me out!

Well, maybe a little while longer......

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