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I babysit a little guy, 18 months old (my neighbor across the street) and have been picking up and ordering things for him as I see it. I just received a flying Super grover 2.0 from Amazon for him and I can't stop playing with it. If I am not careful I will have to replace the batteries before Christmas!

He is adorable and I have new incentive to decorate the outside again since my kiddos are all grown. His window looks right out onto my house and yard so I have to make sure it is up to snuff for him this Christmas and the next 18!

I spied a super flying grover shirt with attached cape at Nordstrom's which I MIGHT need to go back and purchase!

And my order for the Fisher price Little People Halloween book is adorable, just picked it up from Walmart Site to Store, so now I HAVE to order the Christmas Little People one! (Both books were around $6 each).

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