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Originally Posted by Festive Spirit View Post
I Love this Thread! So far I have only seen the Parks lay away commercial but I don't really count that. We actually get really excited in our house when we see the first christmas advert of the season.

We also look out for the Coke commercial every year. You know the one with the big truck playing ''the holidays are coming...'' It's become one of our traditional signs!

Can't wait to post my first sighting on here!!!
Not sure they still play the "holidays are coming" Coca-Cola commercial. As I commented in another thread a couple months back, I'm not even sure they still play the "M&M's Meet Santa Claus" commercial. I didn't see it last year at all.

I'm actually kind of wondering what will be the next "classic" commercial (a commercial that will repeat every Christmas for a few years).

Oh, and you guys talking about layaway: That jogged my memory - I HAVE seen a Walmart layaway commercial. That's about it though.
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