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Originally Posted by jinglebellrock512 View Post
This may happen with a few of you but our family has never done anything "special" on christmas eve!
Our Christmas Eve was traditionally a big affair with a lot of gifts. Everyone would purchase something for everyone else. It made a nice scene under the tree, but it was a lot of work and too often you'd get something you didn't really like from extended family. My grandma hosts, and after my grandpa's death a few years ago we decided we should do something a little simpler. We started doing a secret santa exchange where everyone would submit a list of 3 gifts of some fixed value and we'd draw a list out of a hat on Thanksgiving and purchase for only that person. Having everyone make lists and not draw a member of their immediate family made it difficult. Now we've changed things again. Everyone still buys and wraps gifts for the kids, but the adults have a gift card exchange. The adults buy and wrap one gift card of an agreed value (for us it's $50), and we exchange through a game chosen by me. We've done a "left and right" game as well as Christmas trivia questions. After the game everyone is free to trade cards if they get one from a store or restaurant they wouldn't visit. It makes the exchange a lot more fun and less stressful.

My wife ran a similar exchange for her family where she wrote a trivia question about each member of the family. It got to be pretty funny and worked well since she was extra careful not to embarrass anyone in the questions.
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