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Originally Posted by Gingerbread Latte View Post
I was at Publix this past weekend and bought Thomas brand bagels in Pumpkin Spice flavor! This special fall flavor is really wonderful, and Publix has them on sale this week buy one get one free, yay! We are really enjoying these at my house right now. The Thomas bagel guy at the store said that they would be releasing their cranberry flavored bagels into stores in two weeks, so cranberry lovers, watch for them!

Yay!! I had these last year and became addicted and have been hoping they'd have them again this year. I'll have to look next time I'm at the store. So excited!!

Pumpkin pie is probably my favorite dessert ever so anything that tastes like it is a big hit with me. Also peppermint. Oh and anything that has cinnamon in it. The smell of cinnamon is the greatest scent in the entire world!! Especially Starbucks Cinnamon Dulce Lattes

If you like chocolate covered cherries aka cherry cordials you can drop a couple into a cup of steaming hot coffee and the chocolate coating will melt and that combined with the sweet liquid cream that's in them will make sort of a mocha, cherry candy flavored creamer and once you drink the coffee you can eat the cherries that have soaked up the flavor of the coffee...SO good!! The coffee infused cherries are my favorite part
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