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Here is a tip for candles,Bath and Body or any other brand.When the wicks of the candle have been burned down,but there is still wax left,i put the candle jar on my coffee machine hot plate.Turn coffee machine on so hot plate is hot,let wax melt,then when it has melted completely,put a piece of metal under candle jar.I use an old metal stand, the kind used years ago to keep coffee hot on stove element,sorry i can't recall what they are called.You could bend a metal coat hanger into a star shape.The idea is to keep candle warm, so that the wax stays melted, but not sitting directly on hot plate. The smell still fills the room and you can get a few extra weeks out of candle.Or when wax is melted,discard wax and use the jars for makeup,cotton balls or jewellery,my daughters love the empty jars with lids.
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