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Originally Posted by GingerMel View Post
I'm with you guys on sort of lumping Thanksgiving into the holiday season.

People always say I don't give Thanksgiving the respect it deserves too. But I'm with you on loving Thanksgiving. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I just think of it as part of the holidays and will celebrate Christmas for the full two months (minus the one Thanksgiving day).
I agree because Thanksgiving is really just a single day thing. No one is sitting around all month thinking "Man, this is some Thanksgiving season I'm having here." Christmas however, is an entire season filled with special events, scents, sights, sounds, etc.
It's funny because at my house I put up Thanksgiving decor, but then I also put up Christmas decor the week before Thanksgiving and start phasing out the Thanksgiving stuff. My wife always says "Can it ever not be a holiday around here, do you always have to decorate for every one?! Can't we just have a plain house for once?" Her answers: "No, and yes I will decorate for every one, especially during the holidays, we can have a plain house from after Easter until Halloween starts in September.
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