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Christmas Lights Etc Sets Up Disaster Relief Fund

Hurricane Sandy Destruction Christmas Lights Etc is proud to announce that with every sale, they are donating to the Red Cross relief fund for Hurricane Sandy. Hurricane Sandy, known as the Superstorm or even Frankenstorm by some humorous media outlets, created floods and dangerous conditions all throughout the East Coast as one of the worst disasters along that area.

Even after a week, some neighborhoods still do not have power. Many homes and businesses were completely destroyed, and many more damaged by water. Luckily, the American Red Cross is targeting this area for relief aid, and Christmas Lights Etc is teaming up with them to provide monetary assistance with a disaster relief fund.
Humanitarian Aid for Natural Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief Funds Help Red Cross Natural disaster relief is an important part of helping any community get back on its feet, so from now until November 11th, Christmas Lights Etc will be donating 10% of every retail purchase to the American Red Cross as part of their disaster relief fund. To do your part, all you have to do is enter the coupon code SANDY at checkout, and the donation will be sent to the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

All items that are for sale benefit from the coupon. Artificial Christmas trees, Christmas greenery, and Christmas lights will all have 10% of their sales dedicated to the Red Cross with use of the coupon. So please, when shopping this year, keep the victims of Hurricane Sandy in mind and enter the code SANDY at checkout.
More Information About Disaster Relief Funds

To read more about the announcement from Christmas Lights Etc, read their press release on PR web. To learn more about relief efforts and humanitarian aid for Hurricane Sandy victims, visit

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