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Originally Posted by mgramsey View Post
For those of you in the US that have satellite radio, SirusXM has announced their Christmas radio lineup. They must agree with Crown that the season starts on the 13th. Their 2 main Christmas stations start then.

Hope I'm ok to post this...
Originally Posted by Crown 84 View Post
Hey! It's catching on!
Originally Posted by Crown 84 View Post
It's just not fully Christmas for me without Percy Faith.

Amazing !!! ( Check the date! )

A Crown Conspiracy ?! "Count" me a participant! I'm going to have to order this one on or shortly after "the day" my own self!

More here.

Man! I wish I had Faith's suit jacket!...and maybe a little of the hair oil he's sporting...oh, and that narrow tie!...has he been using teeth whitener?!...that too!...a smidgen of his musical talent, perhaps!...and/or his music royalty $$...wait!...maybe just the $$ then...

Do you think that little girl in the top album cover is gonna wake up and be traumatized after seeing Santa's drooped beard? What if she was the one who wrote "I Saw Mama Kissing Santa Claus"? Had she awaken in that picture, we would have never had/heard that song! Thank God for sleeping innocence!...and soundly!..Why is Santa's hair dark and slicked back? Is Faith supposed to be Santa?...Does Santa have faith?...What the heck is that in the other album picture?! octopus?...amoebas floating in a Petri dish?...(whatever a Petri dish is)...a kindergartner's refrigerator art?...chestnuts roasting on an open fire?...All it needs is Valerie adding glitter and hocking it on QVC!...Clink Clink, Another Drink!...Where's Binger?!...Where's Made?!...why is there no "u" after the Q?...What in blazes was in that eggnog?
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