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I also voted ambidextrous although I am not sure what the literal definition is/ how strict it is. I would consider myself a lefty (the only one in my family) because I write with my left (though I CAN write with my right; it's just a lot slower) back in junior high, I batted right handed when playing softball. so, I think of myself mostly as a lefty who can do some things with my right hand.

Here is something I learned when I was in college in the 80's : in one of my psychology or sociology classes, the prof was talking about intelligence and how there is a big difference between righties and lefties as far as a bell curve. If you don't know what a bell curve is, I am sorry; but I'm not good at explaining it online. Anyway, when it comes to intelligence, when a large number of righties are studied, you come out with the usual bell curve, meaning that the main part under the bell, the largest part , are made up of people with average intelligence, while the smallest amount ends up at the ends, on the left being those that are of very low intelligence and the far right being those of the highest intelligence. BUT, when lefties are studied, the opposite is true: the smallest group fell in the middle, being of average intelligence, while the biggest amounts were on the far right and the far left. meaning, most left handed people are either very slow or extremely intelligent. I don't know if those studies were flawed or not but hey, I think we can safely say, at least, that all the lefties on MMC are geniuses. I can't vouch for all the righties, though. lol
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