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Originally Posted by made582 View Post
Hey there!!! It's good to see you!!!!!

You, too!

I've been battling bronchitis since right before Thanksgiving. I'm over most of it but I can't seem to get rid of the cough.

Being sick has affected my decorations. I only have 22 of my Santa's out instead of the normal 100. I also haven't got my outdoor decorations out yet.

I'm sorry to hear that, Made. Hope you're better soon!! Take good care of yourself. I would love to see your Santa's! I bet your collection is awesome!

It's good to hear that you found a place to live and I can't wait to see a picture of that barn!!!!!

I will defintely take one for you!! =)

Good Luck with the car shopping!!

Life around here has been pretty boring. Everyone has been sick so there hasn't been a whole lot of celebrating going on. We did manage to go out shopping on black Friday for a while and then again today. So I'm at least done with my Christmas shopping now.

Did you get some great deals?

Friday is our Christmas parade in downtown so we will see how everyone feels closer to time before we make up our minds whether to go or not.

Tappatalk is easy to use. You shouldn't have any problems figuring it out.
Thanks. I know I'll be able to navigate, just trying to figure out the best way to go on sites. Bookmark pages on Tapatalk, or go on through Safari?

Originally Posted by caninemom3 View Post
It is so great to hear from you !!! I have missed you so !!

I've missed you, too!! xo

Not much going on here. Work, rest, watch Christmas on TV.....same old, same old which is fine. Wish is doing well still. Hermione turned 1 year old on November 23 but she is still VERY MUCH a puppy in her mind.

Give them hugs for me!! Happy B-day to Hermione! xo

I see a rheumatologist tomorrow (Tuesday, December 4) because my PCP says I have psoriatic arthritis. There is a lot of pain involved with my fingers and toes and such and I am hoping they can find a solution so I can function better with less pain.

Good luck @ the Dr. today, let me know how it goes. Praying for you. xx

I went to my sister's house this past weekend for our annual put up her tree and Christmas shopping. It was such fun.

Glad you had a wonderful time w/ your sister!! Hugs to you from Har & I. xo

So glad you found a place to live. That has to be one of the big hurdles.....I am glad little Harlowe is doing well.

Take care, my dear friend and write soon !!! xoxo

Originally Posted by ClaireLovesChristmas View Post
Hey there!! Great to hear from you! Glad to hear all is going well, good luck car shopping!

Thanks, Claire!!

We got all our house decorated on saturday, we had a lovely day getting it all done! Its my daughters 7th birthday on friday so planning a little tea party for her!

I'm sure your house looks gorgeous!!
Happy 7th Birthday to your daughter!

Good luck with everything, hoping the move goes very smoothly for you!! send big hugs to harlowe!

Speak soon xxxx
Thank you, Claire!! Har is sending you hugs, too. Merry Christmas =]

Originally Posted by merrymistletoe View Post
Hey there girly!!!! We sure have been missing you! your new place sounds fab & i bet Harlowe is gonna love the big window & the pond, just don't let those ducks hurt that baby,lol.

Ha! I won't!! They're probably much bigger than her! lol

i hate to hear you've been sick in addition to everything else you have going on. what is it about the winter that has everyone getting sick?

Idk, but these sicknesses last forever, huh?

i know your family is in Wisconsin but is your hubby's family there also?

Yes, about a half hour away from mine. The nice thing is, once you hop on the highways around Eau Claire, it take about 90 min. to get to both their places!

you were asking about the Rav 4 & Honda Pilot; a couple years ago i was looking @ the Rav 4 & i really liked it but @ that time it didn't offer many extras, it was very standard. i'm not sure if you're into all the extras though. the Honda Pilot is nice, i think it has a bit more room. that was what prevented me from getting the Rav 4, i needed something bigger than that for my family. i am sure you'll make the best decision for what you guys need.

Great info.! Thanks, merry!! So, you have a Pilot?! Do you love it?! Some friends I used to work with have them, too, and they love theirs.

i decorated the 1st of November & have been uber busy @ work till now. looking forward to time baking, shopping, & being w/ the family.
i bought the new Rod Stewart Christmas CD. it's pretty smooth but i must admit i still love the Michael Buble' best.

I saw him perform on the Rockefeller Tree Lighting, and thought he still had it! =)

you take care of yourself sweety & remember we love you & think of you every day. please give that sweet little Harlowe a big hug from us! God bless & keep you!
Aww, thanks so much merry! Love you guys, too!!! xo

Originally Posted by Christmas-A-Holic View Post
Wow! I thought we were busy! Sounds like you have a lot going on. So good to see you pop in!

Thanks, CAH!! You, too!

Wayne and I have been busy doing lots of Merry Things! We went to Houston to see Paul McCartney mid November. Then, of course, had a wonderful Thanksgiving with the family. The next day we went to San Antonio and stayed on the Riverwalk. We got a balcony room overlooking the Riverwalk and watched the Riverwalk Christmas Parade. We have Six Flags season passes and have been going to Holiday in the Park. So much to do, so little time but we are having so much fun!

Those all sound like a blast!!

By the way, I highly recommend Toyota! My parents bought a brand new one back in 2003, they still have it and it's the best vehicle they ever owned. Wayne and I bought one this year and so far it's been great. Everyone we have spoke to that own one and/or mechanic friends we know highly recommend it. Let us know what you decide.

Great info., too! I appreciate it. My Dad & Mom each have Toyota's. My Dad has the Rav4 & really likes it, too.

Good luck with your real estate course!

Hope to hear from you more often!
Thanks, and Merry Christmas!!

Originally Posted by Bradmac View Post
Welcome back! We were wondering when you'd come back to see us!
Thanks, Brad!! Can't keep me away for too long!!

Originally Posted by Solice View Post
I miss you! ♥
I miss YOU!!!! xo
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