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I just have to report, my tree has been up since Nov 22nd, and not one ornament has been touched by anything on 4 paws! I did put the coffee table in front of it, they've both gone over and sniffed it (it's artificial), and walk away. The naughty little one did crawl under it once to retrieve a ball that had rolled. My heart stopped for a few beats, I think, but it was so cute to watch. She got as low as she possibly could, crawled slower than I have ever seen her do anything, got the ball in her mouth, and very slowly and carefully backed out, still really low to the ground, like she knew nothing better happen to that tree! The ball has since been put away for the season, I know I might not be as lucky next time! The border collie got into the stockings once, was firmly told NOT to do that again or Santa wouldn't leave anything in his stocking, and so far he hasn't touched them again. Maybe that's because he was able to grab another pair of my underwear from the laundry and is happy with that. (big sigh)
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