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Originally Posted by xmas365 View Post
When I drive home from work at night I count the houses that still have there Christmas lights on. Last night I counted 34 houses (including mine) that still had there lights on and that was after 10pm, I also counted 6 trees lit up in windows.
It just warms me up when I see all those up, and it is only a 12 mile trip.
Like others, I don't count them either. But I sure do like seeing them when I'm out after dark. It really blesses me to still see the Christmas lights all lit up. This time of year, I'm frequently driving home at or after twilight, so I look for two things - Christmas lights and just plain house lights. I like the idea that while I'm heading home to my own family and our meal together, there are other families in those houses that are sharing the same experience.
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