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Valentine´s Day in Sweden is not that big of a deal. I was told that the schools are not even allowed to sell flowers any more because if one person gets alot and another gets none that is considered "mobbing". I thought that was terrible. I cannot say I was popular in school, but I do not think I was scarred for life by not getting any either.

Oh well, to answer the question. Cupids and hearts are also christmas motif´s in sweden, so we take down the more vintage christmas curtains (also a very swedish thing) and put up red check side panels and a beige valance with cupids and hearts in the kitchen (our main "living" area). In the living room (you'll hear me complain about our apartment often) which is more of a storage area, we will take down the more swedish looking christmas curtains and put up solid red. IN the bed room, the duvet covers have been changed to hearts and roses already for Christams. I have seen the 4 ft pink trees with V-day decorations on ebay and would LOVE to have one someday, but no room right now.

Some years, I have bought a card, but I am unemployed and hubby has just be cut back to 50% so proabably not this year. I was thinking of making vegeterian lasagna on the 13th so we can just reheat it on thursday, the 14th. Thursdays are my volunteer soup kitchen days and I am dead on my feet when I get home. So, reheated lasagna with a side salad, bread, and a store bought dessert should do it. It is also the day after Ash Wednesday, so Lent is upon us too.
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