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Valentine's Day Treats and Decorations

Valentine's Day treats and decorations are romantic gestures guaranteed to set the heart a-flutter. Make use of simple Valentine decorations by adding lighting, and use Pinterest to get ideas on delicious Valentine's Day treats and drinks.

Four Easy Ideas for Valentine Decorations:

Idea 1: String Mini Lights in Paper Heart Doily Garlands

A simple craft - red and white doilies are available at any grocery store, near the Valentine's cards, bags and candy. String them in a random pattern, and drape white wire clear or white mini lights behind them. Great idea for the home - hang in white door frames and across windows.

Idea 2: Green Wire Lights with Felt Hearts for a Country Valentine style

Using green wire mini lights like these G12 LED lights offers a more rustic, country decoration. This pinner used fishing line to dangle red felt hearts, and draped green wire lights around. Ideal for hanging over dining or end tables.

Idea 3: Romantic Lighting Gestures

Perhaps this idea is a bit over the top, but if you are the romantic sort, or planning to pop the question, this romantic lighting style will suit any day of the year. Find a serene outdoor location and wrap trees in mini lights or warm white LEDs. Hang lanterns from branches and place along the ground. Woo her with a romantic gesture and create a memory she'll never forget.

Idea 4: Homemade romantic lighting

Charming and easier than wrapping trees and hanging lanterns, this cute heart is easy to make by taking red mini lights and shaping a heart. Heart shaped motifs can be placed within the lights, or use a paper heart decoration - it will work just as well.

Valentine's Day Desserts!

Valentine's Day treats complement crafts and indulge the taste buds. Here's a few teasers from Pinterest - surely you want them as much as we do:

Valentine's Day Drinks

Sold! I'll be your Valentine

For the big day this year, take the time to hang a few Valentine decorations, and don't skip out on the lights. It's easy to melt a girls heart with a small effort and a delicious treat.

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