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OK, now don't throw tomatoes (or snowballs) at me, but I have to ask.....
Did any of you click the link and read the story about the atheists?
I did and I didn't see anything about taking the special off the air or not allowing others to watch, etc. There were some parents who were against their public school's field trip of going to a church and watching a live production of the show. They weren't out protesting and picketing, they had a lawyer represent their concerns with the school. I didn't see anything about lawsuits, they just didn't think it was right for a public school to go to a church and see a play with religious content during school hours.

I know there are lots of angry, wacky atheists out there that seem to be out to rid the world of Christmas outside of individual's own homes, but I didn't get a sense of that mentality from this story.

I'm, personally, not a religious person. I wouldn't have an issue with my child attending this play at a church, but I could see it being an issue with some.
There are probably some christians that would have a problem with their public school if they were to take a class to a mosque to watch some innocent children's play that had some islamic teachings in it. And I understand that too.
I think in this day & age public schools need to stay as neutral as possible, but that is tough to do in our mixed society today. I think it's fine to continue to have a 'Christmas' break or a 'Christmas' program at schools in December; but again, I can also see it through other's eyes if they happen to follow a different religion or none.

I hope I didn't make anyone mad. That definitely is not my intention. It just seemed that there was beginning to be a gang mentality of "how dare those atheists try to take away my yearly Charlie Brown Special." It really didn't come across that way to me.

Thanks for listening.....

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