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Originally Posted by Storeytime View Post
My point; if you're in a state where you can arm yourself, you should. No 911 call or restraining order is going to be quick enough if something (imaginary or not)sets this guy off and he flips out and decides to do something. At that moment where he was on your porch there was no amount of reasoning that would have settled him down. He fits the mold for what my wife went through. At the very least, get some kind of security for your home so you at least have a head start in knowing he's there. It can be something as simple as door stop alerts, window opening alerts which are cheap and will work for a non-professional like him.
Thanks for the advice, and we are thinking about it. For now, the situation seems to be under control, and we are being cautious but hopeful that the complete breaking of the friendship will be enough to let this pass. However, we are strongly considering purchasing a gun for personal protection, especially since this violent man owns several guns for both sporting and defense. My son is planning on taking me shooting next week so that I can try out some different guns to see how I like them.

On the security side, we're keeping the house locked 24x7 and we have two very large dogs who never fail to alert us if anyone comes near the house. I'm very confident that if anything goes wrong, even in the middle of the night, they will let us know immediately. (In fact, I believe that that's what kept this man out of the house last Sunday. With two such big dogs who bark like crazy, we never lock our doors. Anyone would be a fool to enter unwelcomed. If the dogs hadn't been on the other side of the front door, I'm sure he would have walked right in.)

Thanks again to all for your support!
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