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Finally got snow, but was too sick to enjoy it!

Over the last 2 weeks, we finally got some significant snowfall in our neck of the woods (not just flurries that don't stick to the ground, and not just "freezing rain", but actual honest to goodness snow!). I guess there was one day back in late December where snow was falling for a few hours one morning, but it was completely melted by the next morning.

So we finally got some real winter weather, but over the last 2 weeks, my family has had one sickness after another. At first, there was some sort of "head cold" thing working it's way through the family, but upon recovering from that, then we were all struck with some sort of stomach bug, which slowly worked it's way through everyone in the household.

I usually enjoy the snow, but the coldness of the temperature, it was actually affecting my sickness, and I kept thinking "Please warm up, so my body can thaw out". Also, on the few days I was halfway healthy, when going to work, you kind of reach a point when the road conditions are becoming a constant threat, and you find yourself thinking "Okay, this was nice, but now I'm ready for Spring!"

And now I'm finally over being sick, and temperatures over the next 3 days are supposed to get back up into the 60's, and it just felt like the last 2 weeks were a blur, and I didn't get a chance to enjoy the snow.

I'm wondering if that's it for winter weather. Don't get me wrong, we did have some cold spurts over the last 3 months, but actual snowfall was short and fleeting until recently. Oh well, I just tell myself that there's always next year.

Hey, it's already early March, just three months away until Christmas decorations start to creep into Hobby Lobby again (in early to mid June)!
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