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Some thoughts on "The Holidays" (or the lack thereof, right now).

It's late April, and we've entered that part of year where Holiday/Seasonal festivities are at their lowpoint. I'm not talking about Christmas alone - it feels like we have a parade of Holidays starting with Halloween and ending with Easter. Yeah, we've got Father's Day and Mother's Day coming up, but those are not tied to seasonal change, and Memorial Day is a somber event, not a reason for festivities. So the next "colorful" holiday is the 4th of July.

So it used to feel like the holidays were done from late Spring until early Fall. I mean, when you say the words "The Holidays", people generally think of the end of the year stuff (like Christmas). Now granted, I've come to think of the 4th of July (followed by "Christmas in July") as kicking off the 2nd half of the year, so I welcome the 4th of July with open arms. Another milestone passes when we hit Labor Day (which truly kicks off the Fall festivities, and Fall and Christmas decorations usually start arriving in stores).

But from late April till about mid June, it's kind of hard to feel the Christmas Spirit (or maybe just the Holiday spirit). Winter is gone, and the hot weather is on the rise (though not yet - today's a little chilly, admittedly - but it's a beautiful Spring rain) so that can throw off the last vestige of Christmas (for me, anyway). We actually got down our summer decorations out of the attic the other day - but that meant putting up the last of the Christmas decorations up in the attic (which was sad). Sorry, I'm probably rambling.

Thankfully, I know it doesn't last long. Hobby Lobby actually starts putting out their Christmas and Fall decorations in mid June - I believe they are first when it comes to doing that, so I look forward to that, and I know the 2nd half of the year will be kicking off before you know it!

Does anyone else feel like from Halloween to Easter is one long train of Holidays, and doesn't it feel strange when it's over?
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