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Originally Posted by ballcoach View Post
Watching a story about a guy who was a billionaire....lived a life of extravagance...and when the economy went went all downhill....they had to lay off a lot of their employees, and all of their 15 nannies...

They had to sell a house they were building...they were 75 million into construction...and had to try to get rid of it for 15 million....

They bought 5 million in marble tiles from China....

Just because you have a lot of money doesn't mean you are rich....I'm so happy that my life isn't determined by how much money I have or even how successful I am. I'm rich because of my faith, my family, and my health. It's just amazing to me how some people are....

15 nannies....
Nicely said, ballcoach. I agree totally.
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