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Top 5 Wedding Lighting Ideas

Wedding Lighting with Christmas Lights
Unique wedding lighting ideas add personal touches of elegance and romance to ceremonies and receptions. Choose the romantic, traditional glow of incandescent bulbs, or the vibrant hues of LEDs and get fun with different colors, shapes, and uses. Here are 5 great ideas for wedding lights that can be used indoors and outdoors to enjoy a magical, star-filled celebration:

1 - White Wire Icicle Lights

Icicle Lights on a Table
Easily one of the most popular wedding lights, icicle lights are mini light strings with drops of lights that hang down, making these ideal for use on reception tables. Light the head table and guest tables by draping icicle lights along the sides of the table and placing a sheer tulle overlay over the lights to obscure strings and soften the glow.

Icicle Lights in Mason Jars
Icicle lights are big in outdoor weddings, and allow for several unique ideas in DIY wedding lighting. Using mason jars with wire handles, icicle light drops can be tucked into the glasses, resembling fireflies from a distance, and creating romantic evening lighting. Since mason jars are inexpensive, this is a great trick in wedding lighting that creates a beautiful decoration while keeping costs minimal.

2 - Curtain of Mini Lights

Mini Light Ceiling Curtain
Mini lights are the most popular wedding light. Possibilities with mini lights are endless, including hanging from ceilings, wrapping trees and columns, illuminating tables and platforms, and accenting walls, furniture, and tables.
To achieve a curtain of mini lights effect, hang strings of mini lights from the ceiling in one location and string to another to create a beautiful curtain of mini lights above the dance floor or on the ceiling of the reception hall. An arc of light with a warm white glow creates a romantic ambiance.

3 - Net Light Backdrops

Net Light Wall
Create a wall of beautiful lights by hanging net lights and connecting end to end. Hang nets from the ceiling and line against the wall for photography backdrops. White lights create the perfect atmosphere for exchanging vows or capturing the moment of the first dance.

4 - Rope Light Party Shapes

Rope Light Shaped for Love
Rope light offers a unique ability to add personalized touches. Fun ideas are to use red or white rope light and spell out promises such as "love," or the first initials of the couple, or even the couple’s married name. Rope lights also look great around the dance floor and grooms cake table.

5 - Lighting Wedding Arbors

Wedding Arbor with Lights
Wedding arbors are used in almost every outdoor wedding, and serve as the setting for the exchanging of vows. Unity candles are traditionally placed under the arbors, and mini lights can be weaved through lattices and pergolas. Make use of wedding arbors as well as looking for additional opportunities to hang lights, such as branches, overhangs, and fence lines.
Using our Top 5 wedding lighting ideas can help to ensure that your event is picture perfect. Plan in detail with our Wedding Lights Guide, full of great tips and tricks for illuminating your big event. Get coupons, sales, and special deals sent right to your inbox by signing up with email.

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