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Christmas Tree

Originally Posted by ballcoach View Post
Whew! Talk about panic...I was stressed about not being able to get on here! I don't think I have been able to get here since Tuesday or Wednesday. It was actually a blessing in disguise. To get my Christmas fix, I had to revert to my ways before I found MMC. Let me tell you, I didn't realize how much I truly enjoyed this place until I couldn't get here. I take a lot of things for granted and our space is one of them!

If I missed anything in the past few days, I'm sorry. I hope everyone is great! Good to be back!
I was only thinking yesterday 'thank goodness for the internet and more importantly, this site'. I used to think I was crazy having a Christmas addiction and had to keep it to myself. Now I've found a place where there are like minded people...perhaps we are all a bit crazy!! I too need a Christmas fix, ballcoach. Hope life has slowed down a bit for you!
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