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What's your first sign of Christmas 2013?

It's that time again!

A couple of weeks ago, at my office place, someone brought in a new Hallmark Keepsake Dreambook 2013, and left it in the waiting room. It really caught my eye, but I didn't touch it at first, because I wanted to leave it for the customers stopping by, but someone else brought it back to the break room for employees, and I must admit, I've been flipping through it every day on my lunch break! It looks like this, for the record. It's a real beauty.

And it struck me, this is my first sign of Christmas for the 2013 year! That's been over the last few days. But just today, I went over to Hobby Lobby, and found they were JUST STARTING to pull out Christmas decorations and beginning to put them out for sale!

It always feels like around this time of year, as we approach the 2nd (and best) half of the year, that you may start to encounter your first glimpse of Christmas for the year!

So what's your first sign of Christmas 2013?!? (or have you seen one yet?)

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