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Originally Posted by xmas365 View Post
I saw an ad for a Thomas Kinkade tree in this past Sunday's coupon section.
What publications are carrying these advertisements for Thomas Kinkade Christmas items?!? Are these in newspapers or magazines?

Originally Posted by Festive Spirit View Post
Yes! Once the kids go back to school in September.........the end of summer marks the begiining as the shops start putting things out!!
I remember a couple years ago, on another message board where I hang out: it was (I think) the day after the 4th of July, and somebody posted a complaint that Walmart was already putting out "Back to School" items. He said something like "Geez, it feels like they're saying 'Happy 4th of July kids, now get back to school!'"

But I was like "Hooray!" Because after "Back to School" ends, that's when the Christmas stuff starts to arrive at Walmart!
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