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The first sign of Christmas here for me is...well, there doesn't have to be a lot to be honest. It's Fall/Autumn in general when I start to get excited as food prep starts around this time for me.

From about October/November things really start to speed up though and starts to get interesting.

Decorations are put up throughout the city where I live, the Christmas market stalls set up for the next 8 weeks, the open air bars, food stalls, the ginger bread house, decoration stalls with handmade products, my daughters birthday, the Coca-Cola Truck at the Mall and a recent thing that's started over the past few years is for one particular advert for the department store John Lewis.

[]. This is what they came up with last year.

Oh, taking delivery of my Christmas tree has it's own special meaning for me personally around the begining of November.
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