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Good mid-morning Christmas Gang!

How are you doing?

Yesterday my yankee candles arrived! They all smell sooo great. I couldn't wait and lit the "Fruit Fusion" candle. Really smells yummy!

I'm part of a online forum dedicated to an norwegian (unfortunantely dead) youth adult book author (she wrote books from 1940-1990). This author was an amazing warm and dedicated woman, who wrote stories with morals such as friendships with people of different cultural background, taking care of animals, traveling, beeing good honest people usw.

Anyway this forum is online since 10 years and we are celebrating our anniversary this year. What started as a forum mainly to talk about that author's book became a virtual home for me. There are mostly female users (as the books are more for girls than boys) and through the years many of them became best friends with one another. Today I was reminded on what a great bunch of people they are and how grateful I can be for being a part of them.

I think this forum here is very similar to that forum. Which is way I like being here! Just wanted to state this.

Originally Posted by Seawaters View Post
It makes perfect sense! I think your theory is partially correct. The reason I typed "partially" is that nowadays, needles are so small that they go in very easily.
Yes you are right. I never had problems with needles, because as a kid I had to take a medicine, which could damage the liver. Therefore my doctor checked my blood every month.

Originally Posted by snowflake22 View Post
Good morning, friend!!

I am in the same boat today-sleepy!

Let us know which recipes that you guys try =]

As far as my class goes, I'd say things I didn't expect, and I am seeing them as unfortunate. More money needed for my business, etc.

Hope you have a wonderful day!!

I'll send you some of my coffee & chocolate to keep you caffeinated enough to make it through the day!!


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Oh, I hope you'll find a good solution.

Yes, I'll let you know about the recipes.

Oh, chocolate is always appriciated!

Originally Posted by Seawaters View Post
I received an email from Amazon regarding old TV series. The complete nine seasons of Little House on the Prairie are on sale for almost $50 off. If I remember correctly, someone (Track?) really likes that show.
I'm a great fan of Little House on the Prairie. We have all the seasons on dvd (in German, as the rest of my family aren't fluent in English). I've been thinking about buying the US version of LHOTP for myself, but I'm not sure about the cuts. I know the German episodes were cut too, but the German production company cut them differently as the ones from the States. On the other hand there are more special (like interviews usw.) on the US Version than the German. Anyway it is too expensive at the moment.

Originally Posted by Seawaters View Post
Today is left-handers day!
Really? Didn't know there was a day for us left-handers! Now I feel very special.

Originally Posted by Meceka View Post
However, at 3:20 this morning I suddenly woke up - and I mean I was wide awake! I got up and checked to see if something had happened in the house (yes, still a bit on edge from the unwanted visitor!) but when I didn't find anything I decided to look outside again. I saw a shooting star!!!
The same thing happened to me last night. I woke up wide awake at 4:00 a.m.! Don't know why. But it is scary, isn't it? Cool that you finally saw a shooting star! Haven't seen one in many years.

Originally Posted by Bullypup View Post
Greetings friends, I'm back! I have missed this forum like you would not believe. By the time I get caught up on all that I've missed it will be time to sip eggnog.
Welcome back! Don't worry about caughting up, just jump right in. Let me tell you, caughting up here is an impossible task!

Originally Posted by HomemakinGirl View Post
Good evening!
I am going to lay down and rest while I wait for the girls to come in. I'm feeling sleepy and I don't think I will be able to keep my eyes open much longer. My husband is working on the wood floors again, I don't even think all of that noise will keep me awake. He is making progress. The kitchen and dining room floors are installed and he will finish the living room tonight.
My youngest has to be at work early tomorrow. I will wake up with her and drive her in. We scheduled her road test but its still a few weeks away. Today I also made an appointment for her to have private driving lessons to help prepare her for the road test, she will begin those lessons next week.
I hope everyone is well and had a wonderful day
I wish her a successful road test and great driving lessons.
Sleep well!

Originally Posted by xmas365 View Post
Good evening,

It was a long productive day today, we went and saw Percy Jackson 2, it was better than the first one, imo, and we enjoyed it. Then we did some more back to school clothes shopping for the boys. I also got my haircut which was long overdue, even the woman who cut my hair laughed a little when she saw how long it had gotten. All I got to say is I no longer look like a human Qtip anymore, thank god.

This morning I took the boys to the Goodwill store to pick out some books, and of course I cannot go there without checking out the Christmas stuff. They had A LOT of Christmas stuff today, but I limited my purchase to 1 thing. I found a Jim Shore Christmas ornament for $4, I couldn't turn that down, even though there was a Santa that was a little more. This is the ornament here:

My wife loved it when she saw it.
This looks so beautiful, no wonder your wife loved it.

Originally Posted by Festive Spirit View Post
Morning. I opened the window to a beautiful sunny but COLD morning! I read in the paper a few days ago that they are expecting a late autumn for us. Apprently the warm weather is due to return end of this week.

I feel a little glum today, I just need to cheer myself up. Browsing the forum will help I'm sure.

Where are you all with Autum/Fall decorating? When will you start?

I want to make an autumn wreath for the front door as we don't really get fall decorations here. I am not sure where to start! I was also thinking about getting a couple of houses from my christmas village and making a sort of Autumn/Halloween scene. This should lead nicely into the christmas season.

Happy Pines Day and Happy Milestone Day!!
We haven't decorated anything for fall yet. Guess we will in october or november (no halloween here).
Whenever there is happiness, hope you’ll be there too. Wherever there are friendly smiles, hope they’ll smile on you. Whenever there is sunshine, hope it shine especially for you. To make each day for you, as bright as it can be. from Ireland

Best Regards, Mona
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