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Originally Posted by Bullypup View Post
Greetings friends, I'm back! I have missed this forum like you would not believe. By the time I get caught up on all that I've missed it will be time to sip eggnog.
WELCOME BACK!!!!! I do believe you when you say by the time you get caught up, it will be time for drinking eggnog. LOL!

Originally Posted by Seawaters View Post
High 90s and even 100 degrees forecast for the rest of this week and next. UGH!!!
Oh my! Stay cool!! It was 49 this morning here!!! That's a little too chilly for August. I just went out to put a letter in the mailbox & I had to put my jacket on when I walked back in. The air felt COLD!

Originally Posted by xmas365 View Post
I can't wait until it's cold out and there are Christmas lights everywhere.
We have the cold part this morning!! But the sun is shining & it's a gorgeous day!

Originally Posted by xmas365 View Post
Good evening,

It was a long productive day today, we went and saw Percy Jackson 2, it was better than the first one, imo, and we enjoyed it. Then we did some more back to school clothes shopping for the boys. I also got my haircut which was long overdue, even the woman who cut my hair laughed a little when she saw how long it had gotten. All I got to say is I no longer look like a human Qtip anymore, thank god.

This morning I took the boys to the Goodwill store to pick out some books, and of course I cannot go there without checking out the Christmas stuff. They had A LOT of Christmas stuff today, but I limited my purchase to 1 thing. I found a Jim Shore Christmas ornament for $4, I couldn't turn that down, even though there was a Santa that was a little more. This is the ornament here:

My wife loved it when she saw it.

I also got my Lakeside Christmas catalog in the mail today, I thumbed through it and I fell in love with this:
I know it is incredibly kitschy, but something about bubble lights bring me back to being 3 or 4 years old when I use to stare at them on our tree for periods of time. I WILL be ordering it after we get home from our vacation next week.

Good night everyone!!!
LOVE them both!!! I get a haircut after work tonight & I can't hardly wait!!

Originally Posted by Festive Spirit View Post
Morning. I opened the window to a beautiful sunny but COLD morning! I read in the paper a few days ago that they are expecting a late autumn for us. Apprently the warm weather is due to return end of this week.

I feel a little glum today, I just need to cheer myself up. Browsing the forum will help I'm sure.

Where are you all with Autum/Fall decorating? When will you start?

I want to make an autumn wreath for the front door as we don't really get fall decorations here. I am not sure where to start! I was also thinking about getting a couple of houses from my christmas village and making a sort of Autumn/Halloween scene. This should lead nicely into the christmas season.

Happy Pines Day and Happy Milestone Day!!
I hope you are feeling better as the day goes on!! I saw some beautiful fall wreaths at the hardware store this week. There is a lady who makes them & sells them at the store. They are soo pretty. I especially like a small one - but they wanted $50 for it! It was too small for $50...but very pretty!

Originally Posted by snowflake22 View Post
Made wanted me to ask you guys to pass the collection plate around for is bail money...uh-oh!

He had a great night, and will take the scenic route home today & even stop & sample some chocolates too.

I wish I was along for that ride!!

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Awe...sounds like an awesome day in store for Made. Bet he has the same weather as me. Hope he brought a warm enough blankey!!

Originally Posted by Crown 84 View Post
********** MILESTONE DAY **********

A Merry Milestone Morning to each and all!

(Seems like we just passed a big Milestone and here comes another!)

Days to the Season: 91
Days to Christmas Day: 133

And thus we enter the final quarter of our voyage.
My, My, My!

The heat and humidity are still with us.
So are the temps.
And the stickiness.
(It's on days like this I'm ready to just skip the remainder of the summer and just go straight to fall.)
We show 72 degrees here at this hour.

'Pines Day.
And Carl, being mindful that today is the 3/4 Season Milestone, has a new game.
Three quarters are hidden on the grounds of the Shispering Pines. Any lucky guest who find one can turn it in for a prize at the 'Pines gift shop.
(I hope they are redeemable for more than just camel coffee mugs!)
Anyway, I look to see each and every one of you there this evening.

Have a Wonderful Wednesday, Everybody!
Wouldn't miss it! YAY!!! Thanks Crown!!

Originally Posted by Christmasstar View Post
I will actually have some time to go to the pines tonight.
Life has been very busy here and so not even time to do more than just say hello and good bye.
Hope you are all well. I am fine expect for my knee, it decided to go for a walk without me and is still sore as a result. It does not like stairs, so I have not been in the staff lunch room all week since it is up a very long set of stairs. Walking around is OK, but not bending. Anyway, that is my whine for the day, have to go. Working 8:30 to 4 today.
Have a great day.
Hope your knee heals really quick! Ouch!!

Originally Posted by judesmama View Post
I haven't stopped by in a few days... we've been getting thigns ready for my big boy to go to KINDERGARTEN! Hard to believe when I joined this forum 5 years ago, he was just a little bitty baby. Time flies!

Anyway, it's a beautiful, cool day.. feels like fall! My mini pumpkins are almost ready. I wish I could take credit for them but I threw them in the garden last year for the squirrels! I thought I planted regular old pumpkins but when they looked a bit funky, I realized I planted BIG MAX pumpkins. Ay yi yi. No wonder the vines were so gigantic!!
I hope he enjoys Kindergarten!! Time does fly!!! I saw the pumpkins in my uncles garden last night. Hard to believe it's almost pumpkin time!!!

Originally Posted by Bradmac View Post
Good Wednesday morning, my Christmas friends!

We made our weekly pilgrimage to nearby Statesboro for Jacob's guitar lesson. He's doing so well in his lessons that Chris, the music store owner and Jacob's guitar instructor, has added Jacob to the annual honors recital. Playing jazz, of all things. Those jazz chords are out of my league!

Chris has recently started building and selling his own like of guitars and amplifiers. Here's a link to an interview done for him while he was at the big music trade show this year: Chris is a great kid. His older brother is one of my best friends, and played in the band with me for many, many years. We even survived a shootout in a bar one night...but that's a story for another day! LOL

I hope y'all have a great day!
Congrats to Jacob!!!

Originally Posted by HomemakinGirl View Post
Good morning!
We have temperatures in the lower 60's this morning, we will have a high of 73 degrees today. Beautiful, expecially for August!
I have walked the dogs, straightened up the house and started laundry. I also drove my youngest in to work this morning, she had an early shift. My oldest will also be going in to work later this morning. My middle one has off but she will be working on a summer assignment for her nursing program. I can't believe we are half way through August already, they will be back in school before you know it.
Not too much planned for me today, typical day of errands and chores. I am definitely going to get outside and go for a couple of more walks with the dogs and enjoy the cooler temps!
I hope everyone is well and has a great day!!!
I am so mad at myself for sleeping in today & missing out on this awesome walking morning! My walking partner texted that she wasn't coming, so I thought I would sleep an extra 20 minutes...which turned into an extra hour & 20 minutes. DARNIT!!! Guess I will have to get a run in tonight! Supposed to be chilly tonight too!! Have a great day!

Originally Posted by Bradmac View Post
My kids start this Friday, too. Oh, they're so sad.

For the last few years, they've been given a pretty good bit of homework to do...on the first day!
Homework on the 1st day just seems NOT RIGHT! The kids here go back next week Wednesday! So hard to believe! Where did summer go??
Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind. To cherish peace & goodwill, to be plenteous in mercy, is to have the real spirit of Christmas.
Calvin Coolidge

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