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Anyone else have a Christmas Baby?

I am relatively new to the site but never shared this with oldest daughter, Addison is a Christmas baby!

She will be 11 on Christmas Day! My original due date was 12/16 and I was scheduled to be induced on the 26th. I went into labor on Christmas Eve at 11:00pm...felt completely fine all day..went to church and dinner at my SIL's house. Came home around 9, sleeping by 10 and then woke up an hour later. She was born at 4:04pm on Dec. 25th!

You would not believe the comments I hear when people find out that she was born on Christmas: "What a terrible day for a birthday or she must really get jipped on her birthday. So many negative things and I never ever thought of it as a negative thing at all!! I always felt so blessed to have a child and on Christmas is an added bonus!

Whenever people make comments...I always say.."If having a Chistmas birthday is the worst thing as you see it is then I say she is pretty lucky."

She usually celebrates with a bday party with her friends the beginning of the month then on Christmas Eve I decorate her room with birthday balloons so she wakes up Christmas morning with a double excitement. We also always have a bday cake as well.

Sorry this is so long...just wanted to share...have a wonderful day! Would love to hear if anyone has another Christmas kid!
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