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Thanks for starting up this thread! I didn't think we'd see it till closer to the end of September, but hey, if people are seeing Christmas commercials on TV now, great!

Originally Posted by YellowSnow
I have been seeing a commercial for an annual Christmas Show in Branson, Missouri. Apparently it has gained quite a bit of popularity over the years and they are recommending that folks book their tickets now before all shows sell out. It looks to be more of a religious show depicting the birth of Jesus, so no dancing snowmen holding candy-canes (lol), but definitely a Christmas commercial.
I'm only a few hours from there, so it's a popular weekend-getaway place where I live. I'm sure this is regional and not a nationwide campaign. But it is showing on the big network stations.
That's funny, I live just north of Branson, and I'm not seeing that commercial yet. It must be aimed at those in nearby states. Is it the commercial playing Andy Williams "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year"? I love that one - they do eventually start airing that around late October/early November around here...

Originally Posted by Kimothy
I've been seeing the Countdown to Christmas commercials on Hallmark too. Yippie!!
Are any of these on Youtube by chance?!?
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